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This is what you need to read!


At one time the world of Captio used to be called Licentia, it was a place that was full of life. It had people, animals, forests, ice caps and everything as a whole. Unknown to the world of Licentia, there were these unknown forces who called themselves The Management. They could take on forms of humans or not humans, whatever they liked and they used to it their advantage.

The Management were entities that could not die, they had powers that were only known to themselves. They went from universe to universe and made judgement calls on whatever universe they were in, they disguise themselves as the form liked best by the planet they were one and see if they were deemed worthy. Licentia, to them, was overrun with all the seven sins and they could not allow it to keep going this way. The Management thought that if they made these people more frail, they would not be so hasty to do the things they did.

The Management forced them into signing away their souls as a way to make them stronger by giving them a wish. They removed their souls and placed them in small bottles that would have to be protected, should something happen or they are overcome with a sin? They would die. The Management left this planet in this universe but when they returned Licentia was over-run by monsters, there were no humans left. Once they realized that something was amiss, they needed to right the wrongs they did by growing a civilization off the one that was there.

The Management had never been familiar with the cultures of their world and decided to base the new Licentia on Earth's atmosphere. They were hasty and placed cultures where they likely didn't belong just to 'temporarily fix' what happened.

After basically playing "God", The Management started grabbing people from other universes and time frames in hopes of flourishing something there. Sure, they want to make a stronger race of people but how do you gauge the stronger without the weak? Perhaps, just perhaps, the people they decide to place on the new world of "Captio" will surpass the old one.