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Rules & FAQs

What you need to follow!


Welcome to the world of Captio! You have been stolen away from the world you know and brought to an abandoned world that seems empty, lifeless but had a suggestion that it was once inhabited by humans or another species. You came with the things on your person and book bag full of things to use for your disposal. In each bag is a key to an apartment(cruddy-looking at best), a map and a strange tablet device that needs no batteries or charger and a bottle bottle has . A letter is also present that is rather short.

Dear member,

Thank you for coming to our city of Captio, we hope to enjoy your stay. Please make sure not to hurt yourselves, try to make a home of the one we've selected for you. We want to re-populate this place but we will have to see which ones of you are really ready to survive here. We took the liberty of placing your soul inside of the small bottle for protection, it's just for safe keeping!

The Management.


The communicators for this game are basically magical ipads, we'll call them iTab instead. They have cameras and microphones installed for video and audio, they are about the size of a book but as thin as an actual ipad.

The Management are constantly spying on your characters as they use them without their knowledge, they see and hear everything because they are always watching. The only way to not be heard is to talk quietly or by covering the microphone and so on.

All Video/Audio/Text/Accidental stuff will be posted to: [community profile] captionetwork. Even if it's just for one character to another just put their name in the subject along with the type of communication it is.

Once a tag is given to you for your character, please use that tag, it is the way we track your activity.


The game is based around the idea that The Management is trying to re-populate the world with only the strongest of people. It seems like a bad joke to many because The Management seem like real nice guys because they APPEAR to be looking out for the greater good, but they are sadists at heart.

In this RPG you will encounter dark themes and light themes. We don't have "experiments" at this rpg but we do have something to kill plot festive and fun at the same time :D!! Some of the darker themes you might encounter are: hallucinations, extreme survival, gore, possibly sexual in nature and mutilation. While none of these will be forced upon your character without approval anything that does happen to characters individually will have the choice of whether to participate or not and they don't count against you for activity.

I do plan on having some light themes to keep it from getting boring so there might be some crazy stuff that happens too.

I want to repeat again: Some stuff will be NC-17! Don't join if that stuff bothers you.

Since their souls are in physical forms how fragile is the bottle? It's indestructible, no amount of dropping it or damaging it would cause any way to free it or hurt it in anyway, shape or form. I wouldn't go around having your character actually lose it because that's just silly! Your character can't die and if another character takes it or steal it, nothing would happen to your character. The Management can only see how pure a soul is if it's in a physical form, that is all.

1. Don't be a dick: If you haven't been playing long enough to know how to properly conduct yourself in a game then you shouldn't apply here.

2. Don't character squat, post your character in two forms of activity once a month. If you can't do that then you are in too many games, have too many characters or are too busy to RP in general.

3. Don't cause OOC drama. If you have a problem, try to work it out and don't make things awkward for others. Just buck up, say you are sorry and forget about it.

4. This community is het/yaoi/yuri friendly. If I feel you are making your characters out to be 14 year old girls when they are men/woman/whatever, then I'll have a chat with you about that. Otherwise? I don't care, have at it! Please place everything R rated behind a cut.

5. We allow OCs & Fandom OCs, but they will be scrutinized more than regular fandom characters. We also accept Semi-OC's (Characters that have no personality but are in the series you want to play in), We do NOT accept doubles of characters but we accept slightly AU characters.

6. You may have up to 9 characters but it will be on a case by case basis. If you are able to keep up, then good, if not, then bad.

7. You are welcome to use a PB for your character if you wish, you are not limited to just graphics if you don't want to.

8. Anything that might be forced on your character can sometimes be chosen as a dream sequence or a real thing. Sometimes it will be the real thing and sometimes it won't be but I just want you to know I will in no way force you into anything you seem uncomfortable with.