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Locations & Jobs

This is what you need to do!


Here is a map of the entire area

Location 1. The town of Captio, I'll be using Silent Hill's Town as an example for the city everyone is in. It's rather run down, the houses are old and there is running hot water and everything but it just seems more deserted than anything. It looks like people used to live there but just had vanished somehow, it would make people uncomfortable when finding evidence of personal belongings just being left behind. There are also stray animals around but they are very rarely vicious, most are very domesticated.

Even though it is an old town, it's right next to an ocean and the weather is often more on the cold side. There is room to spread out and plenty of abandoned stores that have some use still left in them. The Animal Facility is located here and needs to be maintained!

Location 2. Ladovy Wsi Outside of the town are dirt roads that lead in several directions but going north of Captio it gets quite cold and the terrain is mostly tundra. It's always snowing not matter at what time per day someone would go there so going there is always going to be some kind of issue. It has a large oriental structure for shelter from the cold but nothing else. The Food Facility is located here, it needs to be maintained!

Location 3. Pustynia To the south of Captio after 30 miles or so is a sandy desert, it's dry heat always and somewhat cold at night. It's easy to get there because one doesn't have to go far in before finding that there is a stone-medieval like establishment. It has various weapons from that time era there and the needs to keep them maintained, there are also camels there from the ride over to the Power Plant. The Power Plant Facility is here, it needs to be maintained!

Location 4. Around and in-between the cities and locations are heavily forested and very dangerous. There are all sorts of animals on the loose and they are incredibly dangerous and hunt prey constantly, it is difficult to get around without being in some kind of danger. If one were to go all the east, past the fences of Captio there is an empty beach where the Water Facility is located. The Water Facility is located here, it needs to be maintained


There are not many jobs in Captio but they are mostly for fetching supplies, working at facilities and power plants around. They should be maintained daily, The Management will give you safe passage on your FIRST trip to these facilities so you know the locations and after that? You are on your own.

You can pick to work at any of the facilities listed or you could be a bodyguard for those that have to go there. There is no money so the jobs you pick are something your character should at least be half-way decent at. I'll give an example:

Tifa Lockhart is a trained martial artist, she could be someone who teaches self defense for those who don't know how to fight or she could be working as a guard from facility to facility.

If you have any questions, come to me :D!